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Below is a brief overview of the most common conditions we treat. For more information, chiropractic care questions, or to discuss your specific pain or situation, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Auto Accidents

Spinal injuries are one of the most common auto accident injuries, and may result in severe pain, loss of sensation, or even loss of movement. Neck and back injuries in muscles and tendons are also quite common. A spinal exam in the days following an auto accident is a sure way to avoid serious long-term damage. Treatment can alleviate muscle pain and restore movement.

On the Job Injuries

Overexertion is the most common cause of workplace injury, often resulting in muscle strains, back pain, and neck pain. Chiropractic treatment can relieve pain and keep you at work and on task.

Stiff Neck

A stiff neck can cause pain, headache, and a number of other health issues. It can also severely limit your activity. Symptoms of a stiff neck often show up slowly and can be caused by nearly anything. The good news is that there are many ways to diagnose and treat neck stiffness.


What causes headaches? Muscle tension in your neck is often the cause or “trigger” of headaches. Spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustment can help resolve headache problems. Advice on posture, exercises, and even workplace ergonomics can provide long-term relief.

Back Adjustment

Chiropractic back adjustment is the most effective method of treatment for musculoskeletal problems associated with low back pain. The goal with spinal adjustment is bringing spinal joints back in alignment. Since every part of our bodies is in one way or another connected to the spine, many health issues originate there and can be effectively treated with chiropractor back adjustment.

Mid Back Pain

Your middle and upper back are referred to as the thoracic spine. Muscle irritation caused by overexertion can cause mid back pain. Difficulty lifting heavy objects or standing up straight can be an indication of injury or trauma to your middle or upper back.

Pain in the thoracic spine can sometimes be an indicator of a serious underlying health problem, so we advise patients schedule an appointment right away when you are experiencing mid or upper back pain.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a repetitive stress injury, usually caused by poor workplace ergonomics, poor posture, nerve blockage, and overuse. The earlier you can get a diagnosis for carpal tunnel, the better chances of full recovery.

Our approach to treating carpal tunnel syndrome with chiropractic care is to locate the original source of the blockage, and examine your ergonomic position. Misalignment of the spine cause by poor workplace position can be a big contributing factor, so we work with you to realign your spine, reduce inflammation, exercise your muscles, and reposition your body to maintain better ergonomic positioning, keeping you healthier.

Slipped Disc

A herniated disc, often called slipped disc or ruptured disc, can be the source of back pain, leg pain, muscle weakness. Chiropractic care can be an effective tool on the road to recovery from a herniated disc. It is important to begin with an exam, and assess your pain level, range of motion, flexibility, and mobility, before a specific treatment plan is recommended. Once we have taken into consideration all of the factors that led to your injury, we will recommend a treatment plan designed to get you back to full health as swiftly as possible.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is caused by facet joint and disc problems. Low back adjustment can be a tremendous source of effective relief from low back pain.

Knee Pain

Can chiropractic treatment help with knee pain? We see many patients who are suffering from knee pain. Since there are so many different causes of knee pain, we often begin with Xrays and an exam. Traumatic injury can be the source of pain, but knee pain can also be caused by poor running gait. Chiropractic treatment can prevent a knee injury from becoming a long-term problem.

Back Muscle Pain

Low, mid, and upper back pain are all often referred to as back pain, and chiropractic care is often the most effective method of treatment.


Sciatica is another reason patients visit us. The term ‘Sciatica’ usually refers to the sciatic nerve and the muscles that thread along its path, from the lower back down to your legs. Symptoms include numbness, weakness, tingling, and pain. The longer the pain is allowed to persist, the worse the pain can be. Chiropractic treatment around sciatica would generally focus on relieving pain, improving posture, body mechanics, and regular exercise.

Connect with a doctor who really listens

This is a partial list of conditions and types of pain Dr. Fulton works with. If you don’t see you issue here, or you would just like to talk with a doctor who really listens to you, get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Spinal Stenosis

Have you been diagnosed with spinal stenosis? Have you been told spinal decompression surgery is your only option? The truth is, there are other options that are not so invasive or drastic, such as chiropractic care, which can be effective.

As we age, our spine changes, becoming arthritic, which causes a condition called spinal stenosis. Your spine is made of a series of small bones, called vertebrae, which rest in a canal also containing nerves and your spinal cord. As the space becomes smaller with bony deposits, the nerves pinch easier, causing pain.

We are often told spinal decompression surgery is the only way to relieve the pain, but the surgery is invasive and may not provide any relief at all. In fact, it rarely works out well – read more about results and after-effect of spinal decompression surgery. In some cases, it causes more pain.

We believe chiropractic care is a sound alternative, because it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require medications. Chiropractic can often relieve the pain of spinal stenosis, and it can improve your quality of life as you get older.

Chiropractic adjustments of the spine can resolve alignment problems, opening up your spinal canal and reducing the pressure on your nerves. There are a number of chiropractic treatment methods we can recommend and implement, along with specific exercises and lifestyle changes, to relieve your spinal pain and help you live fully.