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Meet Dr. Ron Fulton

Dr. Ron Fulton - Chiropractor in Burien

My approach is simple:
I take the time to not only treat you, but get to know you as well. It is my belief that when I understand a patient’s lifestyle and routine, it helps me to take a truly integrated approach to their treatment.

The first thing I do with each patient is sit down together for a real chat about you, so I can understand your pain and how it is affecting your life, and how it may be impacting and limiting your family life.

I Really Listen to Patients
I take the time needed to discover both your description of the problem and its root cause. From there, we discuss a treatment plan, focused on helping you get better as quickly as possible.

I have been helping patients recover from injury and relieve pain for over 35 years. I want to work with you and your other doctors to help get you back to the quality of life you deserve.

Three Areas of Specialization

My areas of specialization include auto accident injuries, low back disc herniation, and helping people turn their lives back around by eliminating chronic and acute pain. I have advanced training in these areas and many years of experience helping patients fully recover.

You may need only one treatment or your injury may require a longer term plan, but I recommend only what you actually need. As part of your treatment, I may suggest lifestyle changes or exercises that can help you regain and maintain your health and flexibility.

The longer an injury has been ignored, the longer it typically takes to heal. That’s because after the body is gently realigned, you have to retrain your muscles to work in the correct alignment.

After an injury has been allowed to persist for a long period of time, people often come to believe it is incurable, but it is entirely possible to correct long-term muscle tissue damage, or to eliminate knee pain or back pain.

If you have reduced range of motion, I will help your body regain flexibility. If you have neck pain or back pain, I will diagnose and treat it, returning you to a pain-free daily life.

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